30 of the Best Halloween Nails From Around the World

1. Goosebumps mani

(Image/ Source: instagram.com)

How cute are these on-trend goosebumps nails? These gorgeous colors come from the Goosebumps collection from Cirque Colors, and some of them even glow in the dark! Perfect for spooky season. The colors used in this picture are Phantom Glow and Sticky Icky.

2. Pink scream

(Image/ Source: vogue.com)

Just because it’s Halloween doesn’t mean you need to go full-on with the gore! These pretty pink nails are on theme, and pay homage to the iconic Halloween movie Scream. Plus, the subtle design means you can carry on wearing them when Halloween is over.

3. Pirate

(Image/ Source: vogue.com)

Speaking of subtle nail designs – how about going for something more unusual for your Halloween look? Designed by New York-based nail artist Marbles Valdez, this super cool pirate nail art is perfect for Halloween and beyond. We love the skull and crossbones!

4. Glitter blood

(Image/ Source: vogue.com)

Some of the most common Halloween designs tend to be blood or fangs, but if you don’t want to go full-on gore, why not opt for glitter drips instead? Shape them round or pointy to make them look longer, and add some green glitter drips for a cute ‘Wicked’ twist.

5. Subtle spots

(Image/ Source: vogue.com)

Halloween not really your thing? If you fancy a very cute play on all things spooky, opt for a design you can wear all the way through fall and winter. These delicate dots and red tips are great if you’re opting for a doll costume, and look super sharp with a nude or black outfit.

6. Goth chic

(Image/ Source: vogue.com)

An uber-classy goth look if we ever saw one. If you’re not keen on paying a lot for your Halloween nails, you can easily create a dark ombre nail at home. Just grab a makeup sponge and dab a little bit of your chosen nail color into it. Layer this on clear nails for a gorgeous gradient effect.

7. Halloween classic

(Image/ Source: vogue.com)

If you want to go all-out with your Halloween nails, an orange and black combo will get you noticed. You don’t necessarily need long or false nails to go for this design, but the longer your nails are, the more witchy they become. Add pumpkin and spider web nail art on one or two nails to cement your look.

8. Moons, stars and spider webs

(Image/ Source: vogue.com)

If the idea of bright orange nails gives you palpitations, opt for something more subtle instead. All black nails can look spooky in their own right, but if you’re adding moons, stars and spider webs, it’ll be clear that you’re upping the ante for Halloween.

9. Shiny pumpkins

(Image/ Source: vogue.com)

If your nails are a bit stubby like ours, or you don’t fancy walking around with talons during spooky season, grab some standard orange metallic varnish and give your nails a lick of paint. You can draw little pumpkin faces on your nails with a black nail art pen if you like.

10. Eyes on you

(Image/ Source: vogue.com)

As Halloween nail art goes, this one is definitely original! Ask your nail technician for a clear base coat on your nails apart from each of your index fingers. They will then be able to paint each index nail white before going to town on the nail art.

11. Injured

(Image/ Source: vogue.com)

If you’re not wanting to hold back this Halloween, go for a super realistic injured look just like nail artist Mei Kawajiri! She managed to creep out her followers with her gory nail art, and used basic nail polish and teeny tiny brush to create the effect.

12. Vamp

(Image/ Source: vogue.com)

This might not strictly be a Halloween look, but it’s a great design that works for fall, winter and spooky shenanigans. French tips are super wearable for Halloween and beyond, so they’re a solid option to go for. Long, square shapes are the most popular designs right now.

13. Alien

(Image/ Source: vogue.com)

Want to take your French tips to the next level? Why not go for an alien-inspired look, which will be sure to turn heads at any party. It’s an ambitious design that you might well need a nail technician to help you with, but it’s a solid look to go for if you’re opting for a sci-fi-themed outfit.

14. Glitter pumpkin

(Image/ Source: vogue.com)

If long nails are your thing, it makes sense to take them up a gear for Halloween. Negative nail space is a trend that shows no signs of slowing down, and it looks super cool when teamed with a dash of orange pumpkin glitter. Pumpkin spiced lattes just became your new accessory.

15. Glow in the dark

(Image/ Source: vogue.com)

If you want a bit more oomph from your goosebumps mani, it might be time to invest in some French tips. Be sure to prep your nails with cuticle oil so they look fresh long after Halloween, and you can then mix and match your glow in the dark colors at your leisure.

16. Cute cobwebs

(Image/ Source: vogue.com)

Known as black stilettos, this look from nail artist Laysa Cazares is trending all over the place. Sharp and sophisticated, Laysa originally created this design with pointed nails, but the square nail craze has been so popular that clients are demanding a chunkier look.

17. Blood red

(Image/ Source: vogue.com)

We don’t know about you, but we think blood red nails are a solid color palette to opt for at any time of the year. The oh-so-subtle nail art adds a hint of Halloween scariness, without overdoing it. A great look to go for if you’re not overly keen on glitter or pumpkins…

18. Halloween party

(Image/ Source: vogue.com)

If you really want to push the boat out, why not go outlandish as possible with these pink glitter and pumpkin beauties! While they’re definitely not the most practical of designs, it’s a fun look to opt for when you’re going to the most in-demand Halloween party in town.

19. Feeling witchy

(Image/ Source: vogue.com)

If you like the classic black stiletto (i.e. no square shapes), there’s absolutely no harm in using this look for Halloween. It’s sharp and classy, and will carry you through the fall and winter seasons. We’d recommend going to a nail technician for this one if you’re not super confident with French tips.

20. Light up the night

(Image/ Source: blossom-academy.co.uk)

Go for a show-stopping look with this black and green design featuring drips, cobwebs and spooky faces. Everything you could possibly want for Halloween! Use phosphorescent green gel polish alongside the classic black and you can guarantee all eyes will be on you.

21. Pennywise

(Image/ Source: blossom-academy.co.uk)

If you like your horror movies, why not channel your inner Pennywise this Halloween? Inspired by the cult classic It, these nails were created by the super talented @georgialouise_beauty on Instagram. Be sure to use top-quality gel polish for a long-lasting effect.

22. Haunted house

(Image/ Source: blossom-academy.co.uk)

Halloween is an opportunity to really go all-out with your nail art, so don’t be shy. You can go wild and create a spooky haunted house look with your nails, complete with pumpkins and gravestones. If this seems a little ambitious for you to achieve at home, give your nail technician a visit.

23. Nightmare before Christmas

(Image/ Source: blossom-academy.co.uk)

Are you a big fan of The Nightmare Before Christmas? If so, you might want to think about this gorgeous nail design for Halloween! Featuring characters including Jack Skellington, Sally and Jack’s dog Zero, it’s a fantastic piece of work. Make sure you give your nail technician enough time for this one…

24. Skeleton hands

(Image/ Source: glamour.com)

Skeleton hands are a solid Halloween design. You don’t need to have super long nails or French tips for this one – simply paint your nails black and add your nail art. Gel polish lasts longer than varnish, so be sure to request this if you’re going to a nail technician.

25. Tangerine tips

(Image/ Source: glamour.com)

Fancy bringing a touch of pumpkin spice to your nails this Halloween? If the thought of all-over orange nails gives you the spooks, opt for this more subtle tangerine design, which will see you through the fall. Negative space is a huge trend right now, and will give your look some serious style points.

26. Snake print

(Image/ Source: glamour.com)

If you’re after a more unusual look for Halloween and you’re not keen on orange and black, this fun snake design is a great option. Bright and glam, this design is perfect if you want to add a bit of oomph to your Halloween outfit. Add a couple of silver snake rings for maximum impact.

27. Dark skies

(Image/ Source: glamour.com)

Not quite ready to ditch your French manicure? This design is a twist on a classic. With super subtle stars, dots and crescent moons, it’s a soft feminine look that will keep your nails looking pretty through the colder seasons. One of our all-time favorite designs.

28. Nude spiderwebs

(Image/ Source: glamour.com)

Another soft and chic design. If you tend to opt for nude colors, why not give your look a spooky update with some cobweb nail art? Simply grab a black nail art pen and get experimenting. If you’re not overly confident in your nail art capabilities, ask and friend or a nail technician for some help.

29. Witchy wine

(Image/ Source: glamour.com)

If you’re looking for a seductive Halloween aesthetic, wine-red nails are a solid choice to go for. Use a wine-red gel polish for your base, and decorate with cute celestial and snake designs that make your nails pop. Don’t be afraid to get experimental!

30. Silver tips

(Image/ Source: glamour.com)

If all-over chrome is a little bit too much for your style, you can opt for subtle chrome tips, which look super cool for both Halloween and day-to-day wear. It’s a cool sci-fi design that adds a gorgeous metallic edge to your look, so pair it with all-black outfits for maximum style points.

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