45 Chic Bride Updo Hairstyles for Your Special Day

As a bride, finding the perfect hairstyle is as crucial as choosing the right gown. If you’re dreaming of an elegant and timeless look, consider an updo. To inspire your bridal beauty, I’ve curated a collection of 45 chic bride updo hairstyles that will help you choose your bridal hair with options for every style of bride to elevate your special day to new heights.

1. Classic Chignon

Bride Classic Chignon

A hair idea with timeless sophistication. A classic chignon adds an air of grace and refinement, allowing you to shine as the epitome of timeless beauty.

2. Romantic Low Bun

Bridal low bun

A low bun exudes romance and charm. Soft curls framing your face will create a dreamy and ethereal bridal look.

3. Braided Beauty

Braided updo for brides

Combine chic and boho with a braided updo. Whether it’s a fishtail, Dutch, or waterfall braid, braids add intricate details to your bridal hairstyle.

4. Vintage Glamour

Blonde bride updo ideas

Transport yourself to another era with a vintage-inspired updo. Victory rolls, pin curls, and finger waves create a retro charm that’s perfect for a vintage-themed wedding.

5. Whimsical Floral Updo

curly hairstyle

Adorn your updo with delicate flowers or wedding hair accessories for a whimsical and nature-inspired look. This is a perfect choice for a garden or outdoor celebration.

6. Messy bun with accessories

Hairstyle with flowers hair accessories for wedding

A messy bun is a beautiful idea for bride updo hairstyles that can become a chic hair idea when you add a beautiful hair clip or pin.

7. Elegant updo with a wedding headband

Modern wedding hairstyle

A bridal headband can elevate your updo in the blink of an eye. If you love hair accessories in your daily life, choosing a bridal hair idea with accessories could be perfect for your style.

8. Sleek and Modern Bun

Sleek bun for brides

For the contemporary bride, a sleek and modern bun is the epitome of chic. Smooth lines and a polished finish create a sophisticated appearance.

9. Messy Bohemian Bun

Messy bridal bun

Embrace the bohemian spirit with a messy bun. Effortlessly chic, this style suits an outdoor or beach wedding, exuding laid-back charm.

10. Twisted Elegance

Twist updo hair

Add a twist, literally, to your bridal updo. Twists can be incorporated into various styles, providing an elegant and unique touch.

11. Side Swept Grace

Side curly ponytail

For a touch of glamour, opt for a side-swept updo or ponytail. This asymmetrical style adds drama and showcases your features beautifully.

12. Crown of Braids

Braid updo for wedding

Feel like a queen with a crown of braids. This braided hairstyle creates a statement look, perfect for a bride who wants to stand out.

13. Curly low bun

Low bun hair for wedding

A curly low bun is ideal for an elegant choice, exuding sophistication and grace. It’s a versatile option that complements various bride updo hairstyles.

14. Boho Chic Ponytail Updo

Bride hairstyle half updo

Combine a classic updo with the casual charm of a half updo half-down ponytail. This boho-chic style is ideal for the bride who wants a relaxed yet stylish look. It’s a great idea if you have a long haircut, or simply add some hair extensions if your hair is too short for any hairstyle here.

15. Elegant Updo with Hairpiece

Brides updo hairstyles ideas

Elevate your updo with a dazzling hairpiece. An elegant updo serves as the perfect canvas to showcase your chosen accessory.

16. Romantic Updo with Veil

Bride hair with veil

If you’re opting for a veil, consider a romantic updo that beautifully accommodates this traditional accessory. The result is a look that’s both timeless and enchanting.

17. Cascading Curls Updo

Cascading Curls Updo

Let your curls cascade elegantly in a chic updo. This style captures a sense of effortless beauty and is especially flattering for those with naturally curly hair.

18. Curly updo with tiara

Bride updo

If you love tiaras, add it to your bridal hair. I love hair accessories and feeling like a princess, so this is an option that I’m considering for my own wedding.

19. Loose Bun with Floral Accents

Low bun with white flower

Embrace a touch of nature by incorporating delicate flowers into a loose bun. This style is perfect for a garden or outdoor wedding, adding a romantic and feminine flair.

20. Sleek Low Bun with Hair Vine

Bride sleek bun

Achieve sophistication with a sleek low bun adorned with a delicate hair vine. This minimalist yet striking style is ideal for modern brides.

21. Whimsical Updo

Updo for brides

Add a touch of whimsy to your bridal look with this updo. This style offers a playful and romantic vibe, perfect for a fairy-tale-inspired wedding.

22. Elegant Fishtail Braid Updo

Elevate your bridal hairstyle with an elegant fishtail braid updo. This intricate braiding technique adds texture and sophistication to your look.

23. Textured High Bun

High bun bridal hairstyle

Go for a modern and textured high bun for a contemporary bridal look. This style is versatile and complements a range of wedding dress styles.

24. Chignon with Pearl Accessories

Chignon pearl hair accessories

Infuse elegance into your bridal updo by incorporating pearl accessories into a classic chignon. This timeless style adds a touch of vintage glamour.

25. Soft and Messy Updo

Messy updo for bride

Achieve a relaxed and effortless look with a soft and messy updo. This style is perfect for boho-chic or beach weddings, offering a carefree yet stylish vibe.

26. Half-Up Half-Down Updo

Half updo half down for bridal hair

Strike a balance between an updo and loose locks with a half-up half-down updo. This versatile style allows you to showcase beautiful curls while keeping hair off your face.

27. Bun with Intricate Hairpin Detail

Bridal bun hair ideas

Add a touch of intricacy to your bun with decorative hairpins. This detail elevates a simple bun into a sophisticated and personalized bridal hairstyle.

28. Voluminous Bun with Veil

Bridal bun with veil

Make a statement with a voluminous bun paired with a veil. This combination exudes glamour and drama, making it perfect for a formal evening wedding.

29. Boho Braided Updo with Ribbon

Boho braided updo with a white ribbon

Infuse bohemian charm into your bride’s hairstyle with a boho braided updo adorned with a ribbon. This free-spirited look is ideal for outdoor and rustic weddings.

30. Romantic Waterfall Braid Updo

Romantic Braid Updo

Let your locks cascade like a waterfall with a romantic updo featuring a waterfall braid. This style exudes femininity and pairs well with various wedding themes.

31. High Ponytail Updo

High ponytail for brides
hair from this editorial shoot Monochrome Bodleian Wedding Inspiration

Elevate your bridal look with a chic high ponytail updo. This sophisticated style adds height and drama, making it perfect for a glamorous affair.

  1. Boho Twisted Crown Updo
Boho Twisted Crown Updo

Embrace boho-chic vibes with a twisted crown updo. This relaxed yet elegant style incorporates twists for a whimsical and laid-back bridal look.

  1. Sleek Top Knot
High bun for brides

For a modern and fashion-forward choice, opt for a sleek top knot. This high bun creates a clean and polished appearance, ideal for the contemporary bride.

  1. Braided Bun with Hair Wrap
Braided bun

Combine the charm of braids with a bun and add a stylish hair wrap for a unique touch. This creative blend is perfect for brides seeking a distinctive look.

  1. Grecian Goddess Updo
Bridal Updo ideas

Channel your inner goddess with a Grecian-inspired updo. Incorporate braids and twists for a mythical and ethereal appearance.

  1. Retro Hollywood Waves Updo
Retro Hollywood Waves Updo

Go back in time with retro Hollywood waves crafted into an updo. This glamorous style is reminiscent of vintage Hollywood starlets, adding a touch of allure to your bridal look.

  1. Bun with Sparkling Hairpin Accents
Bun with bridal hair pin

Add a touch of sparkle to your bun with dazzling hairpin accents. This detail brings a hint of glamour to a classic bun hairstyle.

  1. Floral Crown Updo
Flower crown hair ideas for wedding

Embrace the beauty of nature with a floral crown updo. This romantic style incorporates a crown of flowers for a fresh and whimsical bridal look.

  1. Tousled and Teased Updo
Bride chic Updo ideas

Achieve a playful and voluminous look with a tousled and teased updo. This style is perfect for brides who want a bit of drama and texture.

  1. Braided Updo with Jeweled Accessories
Braided Updo with Jeweled Accessories

Combine braids with jeweled accessories for a dazzling effect. This intricate style adds a touch of opulence to your bridal ensemble and it’s ideal for those who are looking for special bride updo hairstyles.

  1. Low Chignon with a flower
Low bun side bangs for brides

Create a classic yet modern look with a low chignon paired with a small flower. This combination offers a timeless and sophisticated appeal.

  1. Voluminous Low Ponytail
Bridal voluminous low ponytail

For the bride who loves voluminous hair, ask your hairstylist for some volume at the top and a voluminous low ponytail. If you have thin hair, you can add hair extensions to add more volume to your natural hair.

  1. Twisted Hair with a Bun
Red hair bride with chic updo

A beautiful, simple, and glamorous bridal hairstyle with some flowers. This style is perfect for a romantic bride.

  1. Romantic Updo with a hair vine
Chic bride updo

Incorporate a delicate hair vine into your updo for a touch of elegance. This detail adds a subtle and romantic element to your bridal look.

  1. French Twist with Hair Clip
French twist for wedding hair

Choose a classic and timeless French twist, and add a stunning hair clip, to get the perfect timeless bridal updo look.

These 45 chic bride updo hairstyles offer a range of options for every bride’s style and preference. Whether you envision a classic, bohemian, or modern look, there’s an updo that will enhance your beauty and make you feel radiant on your special day. Choose the style that resonates with you, and let your bridal updo be the crowning glory of your wedding look.

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