A Letter to Mothers: International Women’s Day

This is a huge subject, but this year in particular I would love to shout out all women who have careers while being mothers, and caretakers. We often times just don’t give them enough credit. My personal journey was the kind where I always had to work and I didn’t have the opportunity to stay at home with my daughter when she was little. But for many brilliant women the decision to give up their careers to be caretakers is probably one of the most difficult decisions they have to make, especially when they love their careers. When I was a young esthetician and just starting my career, I often admired women whose big careers gave them very little or no time to spend with their children. I admired them without realizing things will always fall through the cracks. In a woman’s career we always have to make this everyday choice…finishing all our work or spending time with our children. I hope to see some changes in this arena and see more support from companies by providing flexible hours and more understanding that a woman’s career is much different than a man’s. 

When my daughter was little, there was no opportunity for me to come home and take an hour to decompress from my work day. As I would walk in, the nanny would walk out and I was on. There was really no other way because at the time I owned a company with 42 employees and most of them were women. However, with just a little effort we can accommodate everyone. I created shifts in which nobody needed to work more than 6-7 hours. My business was extremely successful and never suffered while giving the women who worked for me flexibility to make their own hours and spend time with their families. 

For all the moms who stay home, it’s probably the hardest job one could possibly have. It is much easier going to work than staying home with small children. Somehow that doesn’t seem as cool and one doesn’t get as much credit. When I would go to work it was satisfying, I accomplished a lot, but the days I stayed home it seemed the most thankless and exhausting. While I celebrate all women and their plight, this year watching Ukrainian women and their children is the most heart wrenching thing for me to see, so here’s to all mothers and caretakers because at the end of the day you are the true heroes. And the queen maker of our children’s future. Happy International Women’s Day! 🤍

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