Benefits of Nephrite Jade Yoni Eggs

Cleansing, Purity and Sexual Pleasure,
Do You Need This In Your Life Right Now?

Everything is definitely all about energy and when your energy is clean it brings about purity of thoughts, words, and actions. But what if you don’t exactly feel this way? What might be the cause of it? And, what if you’re feeling a little low, exhausted and depressed lately? Sounds like YOU? Read on because this article might just be able to help you. 

… A woman usually has so much on her plate! She takes care of the kids, she helps them with their homework, she cleans the house and if she’s lucky, she also has a career and works 9-5! Phew!

In addition, she is also a wife, who is dedicated to the needs of her husband and so she is obligated to feel sexy, sensual and loving, even when all else fails. Damn it, the pressure!

On another side of the coin, there is also another type of woman who is single and empowered by her career, however she lacks the time and the energy to take care of herself, her body and her personal relationships.


Balancing your life

Being a workaholic, and being a stay at home mom, or sometimes balancing both can be really toxic. This can take a lot of toll in a woman’s emotional and mental health which then causes depression, anxiety and stress. Some women report getting angry for no reason, gaining a lot of weight, feeling exhausted, agitated and depressed. When all these feelings over power you, it can be a challenge to think with clarity, to be pure in your thoughts and to communicate with compassion to the people around you. 

In addition, this situation will cause self-destruction, broken relationships, and no longer having that desire to appreciate your body for what it can do for you. And so, resulting yet again into another dilemma, which is a lower S E X  D R I V E and a lack of intimacy between couples.

So, do you fall under any of these categories of who you have become as a woman? If so, then continue to READ below…


Nephrite Jade Benefits

The Nephrite Jade Yoni Egg comes from the Greek word, meaning “nephros”, which also means kidney. Nephrite is shaped like a kidney, is round and usually green in color. Because of its shape, people in the ancient times were convinced that it can cure illnesses and diseases. In China, it was also believed that some people who felt some discomfort in their bodies, hid the nephrite jade stones in their clothing to help them recover from the pain. And viola, it actually worked!

It also claims that the Nephrite Jade stones can help you feel secure and stable, especially when you’re going through something tumultuous in your life. It may be from a bad break up, a career shift and balancing having a life and taking care of your family, then don’t fret, the Nephrite Jade Egg, has your back. 

Furthermore, it will also fill your life with energies of truth and honesty. It will inspire you to speak the truth with kindness and compassion.

Isn’t it amazing? It offers so many healing and life changing benefits, especially for us women, BUT HOW EFFECTIVE are the Nephrite Jade Eggs, really?

Nephrite Jade Yoni Egg set of 3

Protective and Healing Energy

It all starts from its protective energy. Its crystal is a healing energy that when worn and held for a time, it can protect you from negative energies. It will make your life feel positive and uplifting. It will also cleanse your auric field. 

Moreover, be forewarned because it can be confusing for some women who might not be attuned with the energy in their surroundings, and if you want to be able to feel its healing energy, you might need to sit back, relax and meditate first.

Further along, as you begin to feel its healing energy, focus on it and let it penetrate into your body.

As you begin to feel relaxed and understand its healing potential, use it in your yoni. The yoni is our sacred space, and when worn from the inside can power up your sensual energy or so what we also call our root chakra.

Powering up our Yoni or the root chakra, means expressing our sensuality. Sensuality can also mean the desire for sexual union and unleashing our feminine energies. If you have been shy about unleashing the goddess within you, now is the time to allow that to shine through, and see your passionless relationships come ALIVE!

There are indeed a lot of benefits from wearing the Nephrite Jade Yoni Eggs, and when practiced together with the Yoni exercises which are also found on this website, will spark your natural desire for sexual intimacy. And please remember, that it also helps you live a harmonious and peaceful life.

Intrigued by the powers of our Nephrite Jade Yoni Eggs? Try them and see yourself become a brand new YOU!


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