Do period underwear work for heavy periods?

There is no escaping your menstrual cycle. No matter what time of the month it is, you’re at some point in your cycle, bleeding and irrationally crying at car commercials or not. The average menstrual cycle lasts about 28 days, but every woman is unique. Some women have super light periods where they barely notice them happening, and for others it can feel like you’re really taken out of the game for a few days. 

Why is my period so heavy? 

When changes occur in our bodies, it is natural to wonder what is causing them and if these changes are normal. Women’s health research has come a long way in the past ten years, but there is still so much left to explore. When change occurs, it may be a way for our bodies to communicate that something may be wrong. For example, heavy periods may be caused by several factors, including: 

Hormonal imbalance 

Estrogen and progesterone are the female hormones that fluctuate during your menstrual cycle. If these two hormones are not balanced, the uterine lining may not shed, creating a build-up of the lining. Once that lining finally sheds, you may notice an increase in heavy bleeding during your period. 


While medications may be necessary, they can affect your menstrual cycle. For example, certain medications, such as hormone therapy, may cause heavy bleeding and prolonged periods. 


You may have gotten relief from bleeding and heavy periods for nine months of pregnancy. However, it is common to bleed right after childbirth for up to six weeks. It may be a surprise that the first period after giving birth may be heavier than what you are used to. This is because the uterine lining during your first period may be thicker and, therefore, may take longer to shed and be heavier. 


Ovulation is an essential part of the menstrual cycle. When you ovulate, you release an egg through your fallopian tubes, which drops into your uterus to be fertilized. When we ovulate, our bodies produce the hormone Progesterone. If there is an imbalance of progesterone, it may cause heavy bleeding or even no periods at all.

How heavy periods may affect you

Heavy periods affect you in more ways than you may realize. It is more than just heavy bleeding and cramping. Heavy periods may be stressful and life-changing. In addition, heavy periods:

  • may decrease your ability to get a good night’s rest
  • may cause more laundry due to breakthrough bleeding through your underwear and pajamas 
  • may cause blood clots
  • You may need to wear more than one form of period protection to keep your clothes clean and dry
  • may alter your ability to exercise or go for a walk
  • You may fear going to public places in worry that a bathroom may not be close by

Medically speaking, “menorrhagia” is heavy bleeding that lasts longer than seven days every month. It is important to note that heavy periods may not occur every month because your lifestyle may affect the heaviness of your flow. Regardless of what is causing the heavy bleeding, heavy periods are both painful and may affect your lifestyle. 

But, it doesn’t need to ruin your life! Enter period underwear. Yes, even for your heavy flows.

How does period underwear work?

Period underwear offers a reusable and eco-friendly alternative to tampons or pads. The idea of wearing period underwear without any extra protection may seem intimidating and make you nervous. However, period underwear allows you to be comfortable and move freely without any pads or tampons getting in the way. 

So how do period panties replace tampons or pads? Let’s dive deeper into the construction of period underwear to understand better. Period underwear is made with layers of absorbent material. With Proof Leak Proof® underwear, every material layer has a specific purpose. 

The Quik-Wick layer is a quick-drying lining. It works by pulling the moisture away from your body to leave you comfortable and dry. 

The seep-shield liner is a Leak Proof® layer that offers additional protection from leaks. 

No-Flo layer is made up of a soft yet waterproof fabric to provide extra protection against any leaks. 

Leak-Loc® Edges create a barrier around the underwear to reinforce the protection from any moisture leaking from the sides of the underwear. 

Does period underwear really work for heavy flow periods?

Yes! Period underwear features a wide variety of flow protection and styles to tailor to your individual needs. In addition, period underwear may replace the need for any additional forms of period protection, making this an excellent choice for discrete and comfortable protection. 

Are period undies sanitary?

Period underwear is very safe and sanitary to wear. One of the many benefits of Proof® period underwear is that it contains technical fibers. These knit fibers work in perfect harmony to create a center layer that inhibits the growth of bacteria and fights odors. In addition, period underwear is washable and reusable. With proper care, one pair of period underwear may last between two to three years. 

Which period underwear is best for heavy flow?

When looking for the ultimate leakproof protection, consider the Proof Leak Proof® Hipster underwear. The hipster underwear offers protection from the heaviest of leaks. In addition, one pair of period underwear may hold up to 5 regular tampons or ten teaspoons of liquid. Furthermore, the design features a full lining from front to back, which extends that protection beyond any other pair of period underwear available by Proof®. Lastly, our period underwear is not only great for periods, but it’s also great for: 

  • Heavy bladder leaks
  • Replaces the need for a pad 
  • Eliminates the need for a tampon or menstrual cup
  • Offers excellent overnight protection, giving you a restful night’s sleep.
  • Helps reduce moisture caused by sweat
  • Fights odors

When should I be concerned about my heavy periods? 

Heavy periods can be painful and affect your day to day life.  But, while inconvenient and bothersome, there may be other reasons to call your doctor. However, it may be time to make an appointment with your care provider if you experience any of the following: 

  • Heavy bleeding that soaks through a pad or tampon every hour for more than two hours consecutively
  • Rely on more than one form of protection at the same time
  • Have menstrual periods that last longer than seven days
  • Your menstrual periods are affecting your daily life
  • Experience fatigue and decreased energy 
  • Have heavy cramping

For most heavy flows, it can be managed with pain relievers, period underwear, roms coms and plenty of ice cream. 

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