Eliminate Menstrual Shame

Hindering Women and Girls

Due to suppressed discussions about menstruation, it is widely believed that periods are unclean. This often leads women and girls to feel confined to their homes, excluded from public spaces, or considered unlucky or harmful to others for about a week each month.

The destructive impact of this shame, coupled with poverty, significantly affects girls’ education. For instance, across Africa, an estimated one in ten girls may miss school during menstruation, accounting for about 10-20% of class time—potentially leading to dropping out entirely. This puts them at a higher risk of child marriage and early pregnancy, increasing health risks.

Lack of adequate education, coupled with forced early marriage, inevitably leads to reduced employment and income-generating capabilities, hindering women’s life opportunities.


Inconvenient Bathroom Use, Home or Away

At any given time, approximately 300 million people globally are menstruating. Given that a quarter of the population lacks access to sufficient toilets, and 11% do not have clean water nearby, many women and girls cannot manage their periods hygienically and safely at home.


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