How to Throw a First Period Party Celebration

Help combat the shame surrounding periods by hosting a menstruation-themed celebration for your daughter or child.

Just like learning how to ride a bike or entering high school, getting a period is widely considered an important milestone in your child or daughter’s life. It signifies arrival into a new stage of life and marks the beginning of one’s reproductive journey. And yet, first periods are rarely talked about publicly thanks to the stigma surrounding menstruation. One way to combat the shame is to consider throwing your daughter or child a first period party (some call this a first moon party) – after you’ve taught them the basics like how to use menstrual products (here’s our guide to how to use a tampon).

Further reading: Download our Free Period Guide for your child to prepare them for their first menstrual cycles and puberty. 

three teens wearing period underwear

A first period party (Also called full moon parties and Red Tent parties) is a celebration held to honor the rite of passage of a person’s first menstrual cycle. A first period party confronts the stigma around period head-on by treating them as something that deserves to be celebrated, not hidden. It can be a small gathering involving only your daughter or child’s close friends, or you can plan a bigger bash involving family and friends. It could be a fun sleepover, and dinner party or just a small get-together after school. There’s lots of variety you could go for.

There is no specific structure that period parties need to adhere to. Ultimately it’s about making your daughter or child feel loved and special. “It is important for young ladies to know that they are supported, validated, and affirmed,” therapist Brittany Freeman Jean-Louis told “This will increase self-esteem and self-worth which is hugely important around this time of change and transition.”

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back view of three teens wearing period underwear

The most important thing to consider before planning a first period party is whether or not your daughter or child wants to have one in the first place. Periods are very personal experiences and it’s their body, not yours. Let them decide whether they would like to host a first period celebration or not. They might not be comfortable with a room of people talking about their period. If that’s the case, honor their wishes. Be sure to ask your child what they want before  deciding to throw a full-on bash.

If your daughter or child is happy to participate in a first period party, it’s time to start planning. Draw up a guest list, pick out a date and send out invites. Then figure out what kind of party you would like to have. Is it a fun sleepover? A pizza party? A theme party? 

Even if you decide to lean into the period theme it’s a good idea to  steer clear from using too much period slang. Click here to read more on why period euphemisms like Aunt Flo and Crimson Wave contribute to the stigma against periods rather than helping to erase it.

Here are some potential ideas to help you get started planning a first period party.

teen leaping in brown tank top and orange period underwear


  1. red velvet cake
  2. vanilla cake with red food coloring
  3. vulva cupcakes
  4. cranberry juice
  5. pomegranate juice 
  6. strawberries + chocolate
  7. raspberries
  8. cherries
  9. crackers, cheese + red pepper jelly
  10. red peppers + hummus
  11. fruit punch


  1. red balloons
  2. red streamers
  3. banners
  4. moon-shaped decor

teen dancing in blue period underwear


Pin the Pad on the Underwear

Similar to Pin the Tail on the Donkey, but replace the donkey with a pair of underwear and the tail with a variety of period products like tampons, pads and menstrual cups.

Uterus-shaped Piñata

You can learn how to make your own uterus pinata at home (instructions here) or purchase one here.

Menstruation Bingo 

Instead of letters and numbers like B42, this bingo game has squares that relate to different aspects of menstruation. Download it here.

Party Favors

  1. a pair of period underwear for teens
  2. a period emergency kit
  3. first period kit including reusable period panties and pads

teens sitting on the floor wearing period underwear

Overall, period parties don’t have to have to be one specific thing – you can make it anything you want. It should be personalized to your daughter or child’s preferences and represent the person they are. The most important thing is that everyone has fun.


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