How Tony and Ava Products Make Locker Rooms Less Awkward

Playing sports and participating in gym class is a great way for teens and preteens to stay active, create a community of friends, have fun, and build self-confidence. But when frequent incontinence forces them to wear diapers, changing in the locker room can be highly embarrassing. Luckily, Tony and Ava have designed a line of briefs, boxers, and hipster waterproof training underwear that looks just like regular underwear while offering the same leak protection as pull-ups or diapers.  

Facts About Urinary Incontinence In Kids And Teens 

Incontinence in children is far more common than we think, affecting 10-20% of boys and 8 to 17% of girls ages 6 to 7. While it becomes less common for kids as they age, many preteens, teens, and adults still face urinary health issues. Puberty affects hormone levels which can impact a teen’s bladder function and cause problems like frequent urination, UTIs or Urinary Tract Infections, bedwetting, and urinary incontinence. These health issues can also be caused by obesity, constipation, cystic fibrosis, or other physical disabilities. 

Many Preteens and Teens Athletes Suffer From Urinary Incontinence

Sports injuries in teens and young adults can cause frequent urination or involuntary urination, particularly in high-impact sports like gymnastics, soccer, football, or running. This is because when injuries damage the pelvic floor, they weaken the muscles needed to keep the urethra closed, which are needed when a person exerts themselves. Any spot that is high-impact, meaning activities that put stress on the body such as jumping or running are the most common cause of leaking. Girls who suffer from incontinence who don’t want to wear diapers often have to wear maxi-pads when participating in sports, while boys sometimes try wearing multiple pairs of underwear. Having to do this is not only embarrassing for the child when in the locker room, but it’s often uncomfortable and can diminish their athletic abilities.

How Leaks Can Keep Kids From Participating In Sports 

Urinary incontinence or leaks can affect a child’s desire to participate in sports because they’re embarrassed about the issue and don’t want to be ostracized or worse bullied. It’s devastating as a parent to see our children avoid doing the things they once loved simply because they are worried about leaks or accidents. This is why the Tony and Ava Flex Boxer Brief and even the teenager period waterproof underwear are so revolutionary. Many tweens and teens are simply unaware of the products that Tony and Ava offers, and don’t know that they can solve the problem without bringing attention to it. 

How Tony And Ava Products Can Make Sports Fun Again  

Tony and Ava created a line of boxers, briefs, and hipster underwear that offer 4-way flex stretch that’s highly comfortable while still offering protection against the occasional leak or accident. The best part about Tony and Ava is that they look indistinguishable from regular underwear and they have a flat seam that defends against wetness, clothing stains, and incontinence smell. This allows kids, tweens, and teens to participate in sports and change in the locker room with their peers without self-consciousness, as no one will know what the underwear is for leaks unless they decide to tell them. 

Talking With Your Tween Or Teen 

Many kids and teens suffer in silence, so we must talk with them and explain that this issue is common and there are easy ways to handle it discreetly. Urinary leakage particularly with adolescent athletes is more commonplace than they know! A study of adolescents showed that 3% of 15-16-year-olds suffer from frequent daytime urinary incontinence, meaning that although it can feel isolating, it isn’t as abnormal as they may think. When speaking with your child, try to normalize their experience, share your own history and be a safe place for them to communicate their feelings. If your child refuses to discuss the matter with you but you know it’s an issue, purchase them a pair of Tony and Ava leak-proof underwear and leave a note. This shows them that you’re here to support them and that there are products that defend against leaks that look completely normal.  

The truth of the matter is, almost no tween or teen is going to want to change in the locker room surrounded by their teammates if they’re wearing a diaper, which is why Tony and Ava designed their line of discrete, leak-proof underwear. With Tony and Ava products, your child can get back to having fun and playing sports even if they do experience incontinence or accidents. 

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