Every New Year, I dedicate time to improving my overall health and wellbeing. This year, more than ever, I’m ready to hit the “RESET” button! Here’s my personal 21-day detox plan. I’ve seen these methods work miracles on A-listers for movie prep and some of my athlete clients swear by them…just check with your healthcare provider for individual guidance.

1. Bye, sugar! Studies show added sugar can lead to acne and increased cellular aging, along with a host of major diseases. To detox, I eliminate all added sugar (including honey and fruit sugars). After 21 days, I add some fruit back into my diet and the occasional sweet like dark chocolate. 

2. White out. I also cut out white foods like rice, flour, white potatoes and dairy. These ingredients sneak into random places, so check nutrition labels carefully and try to prep your own meals during the 21-day detox period.

3. So long, soy!  There’s a lot of conflicting info about the estrogen effect of soy—even among clinical studies. I personally avoid it at all costs. If you rely on any beans as a vegan source of protein, cook them thoroughly in a pressure cooker to eliminate damaging antinutrients called lectins.

4. Lean proteins, unlimited veggies. Go for grass-fed meats in moderation and as many vegetables as possible. Think green vegetables, cauliflower, raw carrots, radishes and cabbage (cooked and raw) to mention a few. 

5. Drink to your health! I drink purified, non-carbonated water and add chlorophyll drops, which is a great detox agent. In terms of alcohol, I stick to one 6-oz glass of organic red or white wine. My favorite is dry, white wine…healthy and delicious! Here’s a direct link to Olga’s favorite wine.

During detox, I also make a special effort to prioritize fresh air and exercise, at least one long walk each day. If you want more dietary detox tips, check out Dr. Steven Gundry’s books. I’m a fan!

…Stay tuned for part 2.

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