Reasons You Should Wear SPF Everyday

Keep youthful skin

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Trying to look 21 again? The best way to do that is make sure you’re wearing SPF to keep the harsh sun from ruining your dreams. The Ultraviolet radiation from the sun damages the skin causing it to age even quicker than it would naturally. Not a good look!

Reduce your risk of skin cancer

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Your DNA works hard to keep your cells in shape and the sun does a good job at destroying that. DNA damage from the sun leads to way too many cells growing, these cells not always being good ones to have. This makes your chances of getting cancer high.

Stop your skin coming discolored

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Noticed irregular coloring on your skin? This is caused by the sun increasing the production of Melanin in the skin. Melanin is an amino acid found in pretty much most organisms, when you produce too much of this you will start to see pigmentation of the skin.

You’re not 100% safe from the sun inside

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That’s right, even when you’re hiding from the sun on a hot day you still have a chance of getting burnt. Glass stops around thirty seven percent of the harmful UV rays but long exposure to a window can still leave you with damage. So wearing SPF inside might not be such a bad idea.

There are so many to choose from

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The sun care industry continues to grow around four percent each year, leaving you with so many options when down the lotion aisle. With so much choice there’s no excuse to not pick a pot up next time you’re in the store. Chances are you’ll see something new.

Burns that can kill you

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Although most burns after a day on the beach just leave you sore and regretting not putting that extra layer of lotion on, there’s some burns that can be deadly. If not treated properly severe sunburn can cause infection, vomiting and severe dehydration.

Put an end to blotchy skin

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Tired of having constant blotchy skin? Then maybe a bit of SPF could sort all of that out. When the skin is not used to sun exposure it becomes sensitive so your skin reacts with a red rash. There’s a high chance you’ll see this at the start of summer.

Tanning isn’t a safe sport

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That jaw dropping tan may look great but that can’t be said for what it’s doing on the inside. When you tan you are damaging the layers of your outside skin, causing it to darken. Wrinkles, dark spots and weathered skin are all common side effects from the cell damage.

High altitudes run high risks

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The higher you go, the higher your chances of UV exposure. That’s why grabbing the SPF before you climb anything is a must to stop the UV rays. Sun exposure becomes around ten times as strong every hundred thousand feet you climb, this means the damage is even worse.

A red forehead is not a good look

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A tomato looking forehead is not a good look but using SPF could stop all of that. One layer of sunblock and you are forty percent less likely to finish your day at the beach with any burns. SPF is photo-protective meaning it creates a guard to stop the rays burning the skin.

Dangerous UV rays

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Ultraviolet radiation is caused by the sun and overexposure is detrimental to your health. Not only does it cause skin cancer it can also affect your immune system. Having a weakened immune systems leaves you open to infection and life threatening diseases.

You’ll smell great

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Who doesn’t want to smell great? The amazing smell your sunblock gives off is from the chemical Avobenzone that is found in most makes of SPF. If that smell isn’t something you want you can always opt for an odorless product that still gives you the protection you need.

The sun burns your DNA away

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Once your DNA is damaged you have no way of getting it back! Damaging your DNA isn’t just about losing your fingerprint though, DNA damage leads to skin cancer due to the cells mutating. This all occurs when you have had too much exposure to the sun.

Dry skin be gone

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Dry scaly patches of skin are caused by not being protected from the sun. This is how SPF can put a stop to those pesky dry patches on your face or arms. Not only does it protect you from the sun, sunblock is a great natural way to moisturize your skin.

You can make it yourself

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Rising sunblock prices putting you off buying that SPF? Then make it yourself! With only five ingredients needed it’s never been easier to make your own lotion. Coconut oil has an SPF of seven naturally so it’s super easy to get the protection you need.

It’s safer than covering up

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Walking down the beach head to toe in long sleeve clothing? It might just not be enough without SPF. UV rays are so strong they can even get through the thickest of shirts. It’s also best to be aware that a wet t-shirt’s protection goes down by over fifty percent.

Even when the weather isn’t great you’re still at risk

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Although on a cloudy day a lot of the UV rays are reduced, they can still be pretty dangerous and make it through. The sun’s rays are so strong they penetrate through the clouds making it pretty easy to catch you out. That’s why SPF can protect you in all weathers.

Sitting at your computer can even affect your skin

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It’s not only the sun you need to worry about, your computer screen can affect your skin too. LED lights give off blue light and just like UV rays these can also lead to skin damage. So next time you have a gaming night you might just benefit from grabbing the sunblock.

Crows feet are not a good look

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Ageing skin is a big reason why so many people opt to use SPF daily. Crows feet are commonly caused by long sun exposure and not using sunscreen over a period of time. By using a layer of sun cream a day you minimize the damage that causes the crows feet.

Wind burn is real

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If you can’t seem to stop getting burnt skin on a windy day then SPF may be exactly what you are looking for. SPF works as a protection against wind and keeps your skin healthy and smooth. Wind burn damage can be as serious as sunburn so it’s not one to overlook.

It’s literally in your make up

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In the routine of putting your make up on before work everyday? Then you may just be one step closer to getting in the habit of using SPF daily. There are now so many make up products offering an SPF of over thirty and can be found in most concealers and lipsticks.

All skin tones need protection

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It’s a big myth that the darker your skin tone the less likely you are to need SPF. A big increase in UV exposure can still affect all skin shades due to its dangerously strong rays. Even if you can’t see the sunburn the damage is still done to the skin itself.

You can still get the vitamin D you need and be protected

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Very few people have been known to gain a vitamin D deficiency when wearing sun cream out in the sun. Due to the high levels of vitamin D the SPF could never block all the goodness from being absorbed. If you’re still wary there’s so many supplements to try.

There are so many natural products available

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If you aren’t sure about the toxic chemicals used in sunblock then there are so many natural products to try. Products have now been made carrying non-toxic UV filters which allows you to gain protection and keeps anything unnatural out of the body.

You really can’t put too much on

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There’s really no limits when it comes to sunscreen application and the more you put on the better you are protected. Sunscreen should be applied regularly throughout the day to ensure you gain full protection. Just make sure you rub it in well before you go outside!

Your skin will thank you

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There are so many skin benefits from wearing SPF that your skin will literally become your best buddy after use. SPF not only makes your skin soft and youthful it gives it the protection it needs to fight off any damage coming its way from UV rays in the sun.

Nobody wants leathery skin

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Exposure to rays without any protection takes away the elasticity of your skin. Less elastic skin leaves an appearance of leathery and thickened areas on the skin surface. The problem is once your skin loses the elastic you can’t get it back naturally.

You could come out with a better tan

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That’s right if you’re avoiding the SPF to get a better tan you really are doing it all wrong. SPF allows you to stay in the sun for longer due to the protection it gives from the UV rays. Even with an SPF of fifty rays are able to get to the skin.

You won’t be able to see it with untraceable sun cream

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Worried about that shiny glow on the girls trip pictures? Then worry no more because there are so many oil free products now available that create an unseen suncream look. This type of sunblock not only keeps you protected but also is nowhere to be seen.

Peeling skin is not a good look

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When you get sunburn the top layer of your skin is burnt and this is what causes the redness. To allow the skin to heal from the damage the top layer must peel off so a new layer can come through. If you don’t want to look like a shedding snake then maybe SPF is the answer.

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