Stacy London Breaks Down Coastal Grandma & 2023’s Biggest Fashion Trends

It’s one of the biggest trends of 2023, but what exactly is coastal grandma? Don’t worry, Stacy London is here to give you the fashion brief and let’s just say, she’s as confused by the term as the rest of us are!

“Coastal Grandma: I don’t really know what that means. I get it, it’s like Diane Keaton—Wide-leg pants, maybe a chino, a tissue turtleneck, and a sunhat. I call that good skin health,” she said.

Quiet luxury is another trend from 2023 that everyone was talking about thanks to Succession and the character’s aversion to logos and obvious expressions of wealth. “Quiet luxury and stealth wealth are particular to post-COVID and that there really is a sense of where do you want to put your money?” she said. “Some people do still want to spend it on clothes but this idea that luxury has to be something that is visually opulent at all times or being about labels doesn’t really feel necessary anymore,” London continued. “That really has always been true for me, that things are about fit and the way they sit on you. The way you style yourself and your personal expression always looks like stealth wealth to me.”

She explained how you can get the stealth wealth look yourself without actually having to spend a fortune, too. “A wide-leg slouchy trouser, I definitely think a tissue turtleneck—not Coastal Grandma, guys!—a tissue turtleneck has to be very specific. … A really chic Paraboot shoe and really cool glasses.”

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