Summertime do’s, don’ts, and the usual (with a twist)

Quarantine is (almost) over, your friend group is finally reunited, and I think I speak for everyone when I say I’m longing for some sun, surf, sand, and sangrias. Now, as an esthetician, I get the same question every year around this time: “Do I need to change my skincare routine for the summer?”. While it depends on your location and how active you are, I do believe it’s important to take a look and possibly adjust your skincare regimen slightly for the hot summer months.

Here are my do’s, don’ts, and the usual (with a twist):


  • As the temperature rises, so should the amount of sunblock you apply. Choose a high SPF! I recommend Canmake Mermaid Gel Sunblock – it’s been a favorite of mine for about 2 years now.
  • Even though it’s summer, it’s still very important to exfoliate your skin! When you exfoliate regularly, it will help keep your skin clear and prevent dead skin from accumulating on the surface. 
  • As far as retinol goes, you can continue to use it as usual during summer months! Retinol prevents discoloration, offsets negative free radicals caused by the sun, keeps your skin clear, and reduces wrinkles with continuous use. What’s not to love?


  • Try and stay away from creams that are over-moisturizing and heavy. Instead, choose a lightweight moisturizer like Weightless Moisturizer – it’s a perfect summer go-to as it’s oil-free and keeps your skin balanced even in hot weather.
  • Don’t stop reapplying sunblock just because it creates a thick film on your skin that may make you feel uncomfortable – instead, put your best skin forward and choose a light sunblock with a high SPF.
  • Never exfoliate when your skin is sunburned, feels sensitive, or is red due to any environmental impact. As always when exfoliating, avoid physical scrubs and go for acids! My favorite acid in the summertime is Lactic Acid (effective and loved by all skin types), closely followed by Salicylic (good for oily and congested complexions) and Kojic (great at keeping those pesky dark spots under control). 
  • If you are thinking about adding retinol to your regimen, do not start a routine prior to a summer vacation or before you plan on spending time outdoors. 


  • Keep in mind that the sun will cause your skin to be more sensitive, so don’t overuse active ingredients. Choose wisely and spread them out so that your skin can actually benefit from them and not become more sensitized.
  • If you usually use retinol every night and Vitamin C in the morning, in the summertime, try to alternate and not use both of these ingredients daily.
  • When using your Deep Detox Facial in a Box or Red Carpet Facial in a Box, skip retinol that night and use your peptide-rich moisturizer instead. 

To summarize… DO enjoy yourself, DON’T overthink your skincare routine (when in doubt, stick to the essentials), and stock up on our summer faves here.

Good luck! ☀️

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