Warning Signs That Your Skincare Product Is Not Working For You

It has been weeks since you started using a new skincare product. But, even though you apply it regularly, your skin is still the same. You have seen no change in those pesky brown spots or the flaky patches.

Instead, tiny red bumps have started appearing on different parts of your body. What’s worse is that your skin may feel tight and itchy, even when you use great natural deodorants.

Signs your skincare is not working

Does this scene sound familiar? Is your skincare routine falling short of your expectations, but you aren’t sure whether it’s the product or something else?

Well, worry no more because today, we will reveal 5 telltale signs that your skincare product is not working for you. Let’s dive in!


Rashes are a common indication of skin irritation or an allergic reaction to the ingredients in the product. When you use a skincare product that is not suitable for your skin type or contains harsh ingredients, it can lead to redness, itching, and the development of rashes.

Acne Breakout

acne breakouts

Acne breakout is when lots of small or big pimples show up on your skin. It usually occurs on the face but can also happen on the chest, shoulders, and upper back – if you have used the skincare product over there.

Please note that while acne breakouts can happen to anyone, they are more common in people who have open pores, sensitive skin, or a history of acne.

Burning Sensation

The burning sensation that occurs when using a skincare product can vary in intensity and sensation. It may feel like a mild tingling, stinging, or a more intense burning feeling. It can also be localized to a specific area or spread across the entire skin 

Whatever type you may experience, a burning sensation after using a skincare product is a huge sign that it’s not working. Wash your skin immediately and apply a soothing lotion to ease the pain.


Discoloration refers to any change in your skin tone (light or dark) and is another major sign that your product isn’t working. In fact, it may be causing harmful chemical reactions that can permanently damage your skin tone. 

Please note that discoloration can occur immediately after using the product or after going out in the sun (UV rays react with the product to discolor the skin). In any case, if you have started noticing discolored patches, it’s time to leave the skincare product for good.


Flaking is a condition when your skin is stripped of its natural oils. This leads to excessive dryness and flaky patches 

Although flaking is a sign that a skincare product is not working for you, it’s not always a definitive indicator on its own. It may also occur if you are overusing the product (too frequently or in higher quantities than recommended).

Or, it can occur due to certain skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis. So, don’t treat flaking as a standalone sign. Instead, use it along with other signs to conclude.

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