What Is Karlie Kloss’ Roblox Klossette? Your Dream Digital Wardrobe, Explained

As a young fashionista in the early aughts, one of my favorite fashion moments was seeing Cher Horowitz’s digital closet in Clueless. An entire metaphysical catalog of your wardrobe designed to smartly pair your outfits based on the aesthetic of the day? Sign me up. Too bad I didn’t have the option back in high school. Today, that’s changing thanks to Roblox and Karlie Kloss’ Klossette. Roblox is redefining fashion trends for millennial and Gen Z users by releasing metaverse fashion collaborations with designers like Rebecca Minkoff, icons like Elton John, and, of course, Kloss.

For the uninitiated, Roblox is a gaming platform best known as the ultimate online simulation world, where users are able to create as well as play in each other’s experiences, whether that’s a theme park, racing track or fashion show. One of the most fantastic parts is being able to create your avatar’s looks and fits. This means your online persona can reflect your real-life personality and vice versa. Although I’m sure bouts of decision fatigues are bound to happen, these endless possibilities mean an innovation into fashion like never before. 

Digital fashion is truly the next pioneer, and so I sought out 101 tips and tricks from Rush_X (real name: Rush Bogin), one of the young and emerging online designers who collaborated with Karlie Kloss for Karlie’s Klossette on the platform. 

Image: Roblox.

“Virtual fashion is inspiring real fashion, and this is inspiring real world trends,” Rush_X says. The twenty-year trend cycle is now shortening and overlapping with Roblox as a safe space for users to try out styles first. The clothing on the platform has insane detailing, with PBR (multi layered texturing, high quality 3-D movement) that you don’t see in other experiences to further enhance your avatar’s fits. You can upload and design your own looks and send them off on the runway in places like Karlie’s Klossette. 

Rush_X suggests really using that liberation online as the first way to experiment with a real-life look you’ve been finagling with. It’s also a great way of sourcing feedback. “I tried a bunch of trending styles and am seeing what people connect with and comment most,” Rush_X says. “I got my own Discord server and people are interacting with me… I check what users are enjoying.” 

Image: Roblox.

Nail your avatar’s makeup and you’ll nail your next night-out glam

“Any user can play this,” Rush_X says. The huge diversity of representation of skin tones and hair types helps fill in the gap of internet avatar selections elsewhere. Skin tone selections range from pale to dark and even vibrant colors, like green or blue. “There’s a bunch of hairstyles in this experience. It includes hairstyles that aren’t just a few stick-straight to barely wavy textures,” Rush_X points out.

Make your avatar’s glam as natural to bold as you’d like while testing out those blunt bangs you’ve been eying IRL. It’s your tool to play with, so get as realistic to rowdy with your face as you’d like.

Image: Roblox

Rush_X has some top digital style trends he’s seen across the board, online and offline. His five favorites below speak to the hybrid world we’re now in.

  • Y2K: “Y2K nostalgia fashion styles are flooding social feeds, runways, fashion magazines, and specifically, Roblox,” Rush_X explains. “Gen Z has revived the trend across the platform, sporting vintage sportswear, crop tops, colorful sunglasses, wide-leg jeans, and baguette bags.”
  • Barbiecore: Inspired by 2023’s Barbie, Barbiecore styles have taken over the platform. Forever 21 also had a popular Barbie collection, which allowed shoppers to get dolled up for their metaverse adventures. Hot pink is back, baby.
  • Limiteds: In April 2023, Roblox creators were given the ability to create and sell limited-run avatar gear—called “Limiteds,” which can only be owned, worn, and resold on the platform. Limiteds allow creators to have control over their items’ scarcity and get a percentage from every resale. Since then, Limiteds have been trending on the platform. “I’ve seen prices skyrocket for the CHRUSH brand,” Rush_X explains of a digital fashion collaboration he created with a peer, Bunnexh. Oftentimes, even free items resell for currency, and these collectible goods can sell out in mere minutes.
  • Athletic clothing:  “Since so many Roblox users enjoy wearing outfits that are similar to their real lifestyle, athleisure and athletic clothing is also very popular on the platform as it’s a realistic characterization of themselves,” Rush_X explains. The platform is seeing brands like Alo connecting with users because they can feel comfortable with their avatars reflecting their day-to-day fashion. Listen, even our digital selves want to be comfy and cute at the same time.
  • Goth-Punk: Rush_X has noticed a continual aesthetic over the years on Roblox. “With this trend, users love pairing the goth aesthetic with messy, black hairstyles. This includes chains and sometimes spikes,” he says. “Sometimes they add a pop of color with some white or red dye within the hair.” The Goth-Punk trend has been a continuous market for him for two years as he’s seen many users connect to this style of dress.
Image: Roblox.

“So I’ve been playing on the platform for a while and I kind of grew up on the platform, so I became really interested in fashion,” Rush_X explains. To lean into the interconnectivity between digital and real-world fashion, he would window shop in stores to gather intel on real-world trends. He also turned to places like X (formerly) Twitter and Discord to source what audiences wanted to wear or buy in real time. 

Ultimately, creating metaverse fashion for Gen Z means paying attention to their voices. Rush_X recommends doing the research and following the trend cycles in fast-fashion stores and social media, where you can adapt tangible designs and turn them into a more avant-garde, bold yet still equally wearable virtual wardrobe. As with any artistic path, growth requires observing and adapting. “Use lots of listening skills, that’s what the community wants and loves,” he suggests.

Digital fashion for Gen Z expression and growth is only expanding, so everyone has the space to feel and become their authentic selves.

As advertisers link up e-commerce plays to have both in-person and online experiences (i.e. a virtual try-on mirror in-store , digital fashion really is the next big thing. “Virtual fashion will become a necessity for everybody. People are already saying virtual fashion is affecting their real world fashion,” Rush_X says.

In a world where everyone is encouraged to embrace who they are to its fullest potential, metaverse fashion provides an outlet for them to see who they are without feeling uncomfortable. Users can choose to play anonymously or as themselves, but the key? Roblox provides scope for people to experiment with who they want to become. 

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