Why Do I Feel Uncomfortable in My Stomach During Menstruation?

Reduce Processed Foods

In a world filled with junk, it’s easier said than done! I find the simplest way is to add more healthy foods and only eat one junk meal or snack at a time, once a day.


Eat Simple, Warm, Cooked Foods

Both Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Indian traditional medical system Ayurveda recommend eating warm, cooked, and easily digestible foods during menstruation and the days leading up to it. Excessive cold foods are believed to cause pain and stagnation and should be avoided. Soups and stews are both great options! Check out recipes for delicious Ayurvedic kitchari dishes made with rice, lentils, and healing spices. It’s perfect food for when you’re on your period and feeling uncomfortable in the stomach.


Embrace Bitterness

Most of us are indeed lacking in bitterness in our diets. Bitter foods and herbs are a great way to kickstart digestion and help rebalance an uncomfortable gut. Dandelion, chicory, and endive are good ways to incorporate them into your diet. You can also try some herbal bitters like gentian, wormwood, or Digestisan drops (a combination of dandelion and artichoke). A few drops of water before meals can greatly ease intestinal discomfort.


Reduce Stress

As we’ve mentioned, stress can be a significant contributor to stomach discomfort, especially during the time when symptoms of premenstrual syndrome may appear. Doing what you can to reduce stress is indeed helpful, although we know it’s not always easy. Here are three top tips for reducing stress:

– Try to carve out some time every day just for you. Whether it’s just five minutes of meditation, or half an hour of reading or taking a hot bath. Create some space for your relaxation and emotional well-being.

– Talk to someone. They say, “A problem shared is a problem halved,” and there’s a lot of truth to that, so if dumping your burdens on someone feels good, go ahead and do it. You can also write it down – journaling is great for getting all your feelings out on paper so you can mentally leave them behind at the end of the day.

– Do a digital detox. A quick scroll through social media is enough to understand why we’re all so stressed! Sometimes we all need a break because we know our feed will still be there waiting for us when we get back. Going for a walk outside – without your phone – can do wonders for you.


Try Some Gentle Movement

When you’re menstruating and feeling nauseous, you might not feel like doing too much exercise. If that’s the case, it’s best to listen to your body. Some gentle movement, like a stroll in the fresh air or doing yoga, can be helpful. Simply rotating your hips in a circular motion can provide genuine nourishment.Wear Beautikini period underwear during your workouts without worrying about leaks.


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