Why GOTS Organic Cotton is better than regular cotton

First things first, let’s get to know cotton. 




The lifecycle of cotton 

Cotton is grown from a seed throughout the season, it’s a warm weather plant and doesn’t like wet feet at all. It’s a fluffy shrub that grows in soft little balls (capsules) around the seeds of the plant. Cotton becomes the cotton we know once it’s spun into thread or yarn. 

When we think of cotton, we think ‘breathable material’, ‘comfy’, ‘soft fabrics’. And we also know that cotton is used the most for clothing. However, because of this, it’s in such high demand – and we mean a 25 million tonnes of global output of cotton with China, India, Brazil, the US, and Pakistan producing roughly 80% of the world’s cotton supply, many have started to label cotton as ‘eco-friendly’ or a ‘sustainable option’. But cotton isn’t really sustainable, unless it’s organic. 


What is GOTs organic cotton 

GOTS organic cotton is the gold standard for the sustainable processing of textiles made from organically grown fibres (e.g. cotton). These products have the entire supply chain verified, and even the farms are legally recognised to this standard. 

And it’s what we use to make one of our most-loved styles! The WUKA Ultimate Bikini.


What makes cotton organic? 

✔️ When cotton is produced and certified to organic agricultural standards to maintain the health of soils, the ecosystem and population. 

✔️ An organic cotton farm forbids the use of GMOs and synthetic chemicals. 

✔️ Organic cotton won’t harm the soil in the farm they are grown in and uses 88% less water and 62% less energy – you’re helping our planet even before you wear our Ultimate Bikini!
✔️ It isn’t machine-picked, which means its fibres aren’t broken resulting in a softer feel. 


WUKA Ultimate Bikini


What is regular cotton 

Regular cotton is more in demand and is machine-picked to maintain the level of rush. Handpicking cotton ensures that fibres don’t break – which results in softer and more durable cotton-produced products. 

Additionally, some of the compounds found in the pesticides and chemicals can affect the health of cotton farmers, and those who live nearby cotton farms as it may contaminate their drinking water. Which is why we love organic cotton! Plus, the Ultimate Bikini is one of the softest pairs of underwear you’ll ever own. 


If you haven’t tried out our Ultimate Bikini yet, now’s your chance to give Organic Cotton a go! Save the planet with your period. ♻️



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